Thursday, July 28, 2011

monkey V and a little something extra

more doodling at work. this is what they pay me to do lol. it would seem like i can't get enough of this folktale art theme. the concept and he variety of characters are just too fun to pass up!! :D

and a little something from a few days ago. ongoing side project for a friend. i'm trying to get that lonely.. yet cozy feel.. did it work? i dunnnooo.. haha.

anyways, these were the guidelines..:
-with one eye
-two horns
-not scary looking
-maybe looks like hes about to cry
-peferably bigger piece of paper, like 8.5 x 11 is a good size
-maybe drawn on brown construction you got that sketchy textured look
-dabs of paint
-with pastel highlights LOL
-am i being too specific =D
you know what….just do whatever you want…i just want it to look framable!!!

hopefully i'll finish it on time.. like that other couple of side projects i was suppose to finished D:


Timothy Chan said...

i love it!
and your friend has good taste in frame-able things =)
ayanjust sayin LOL

Sami said...

Interstingly, today we are celebrating a festival in India- "Dahi Handi"- we make a human pyramid and the person on the top tries break a clay pot with buttermilk, tied to a tightrope :)