Saturday, July 11, 2009

a small rant to whomever..

so. artistic block.. not that there was much there to begin w/ lol .. well recently anyways.
anyhoo, i'm OFFICIALLY jobless now. so no more rants about fast food. however, ever since i quit my job i'm finding it ever harder to come up w/ concepts *sigh*. i found out that the lack of inspiration was coming from an 'indecisiveness' of styles. this "indecisiveness" of switching between interpretive and the "animation style" so to speak is ruining me- says my source, said from another source. lol. "if i don't choose between the two then i can't grow", says the source's source to me. i'll have to stick it in the bud.

on another note, i'll be going to malaysia on monday.. at 4:30am. not cool. i find that when i travel, i tend to only draw the passengers who are sleeping and the back of heads. hopefully i'll get a lot of drawing there, if not, then shopping *_____* but no computer or internet... another big SIGH.

this was done a while ago during the "drought season" not too long ago i guess?? i have no perception of time. i have come to love the 'stamp tool'. makes my job so much easier hehehe. my little sister told me to add her name in BIG bold letter and add a red balloon. i can only follow her instructions so closely while also looking out for unity and balance. in other words, "my name isnt' big enough" says she. such a horder that one. >________<"