Saturday, July 2, 2011

giraffe 3/3

Finally, after putting off my little project for a couple of days, it's finally done. Definitely took way too long to complete than it should have... gotta draw more giraffes, cause i found out that i suck at caricaturing them :(   

Anyways, 3 days later, et voilĂ  une carte pour maman et papa :)


~ said...

So Mr. and Mrs. Lim are Giraffes?:P

Happy anniversary to them from my side. And nice one Kat:)

Timothy Chan said...

thats sooooo nice!!
wish i could do that for my parents -___-

Katherine Lim said...

i draw giraffes, you draw houses... :)

Stephanie Fung said...

this is so cute <3